Lions Cup

The Lions Cup is the premier high level senior competition in Ontario. Coming up on our 10th year of the tournament, the reputation of our tournament is stellar and we look forward to hosting an even better event in 2024.

Tournament Dates: July 5th – 7th
Divisions: Male Senior (open) & Female Senior (open)
Entry Fee: TBD early bird | $TBD after May TBD (nonrefundable after TBD)
Deadline: TBD / Early Bird TBD
Location: Cassie Campbell Centre, Brampton
Cash Prize: TBD/division (based on 6 team entry)
Entry Form: Register Here

Our annual tournament was the brainchild of four of our core players and management team. It was envisioned as a showcase of our club, one of the oldest and most successful in Canadian history and a promotion of hockey at the highest level. Today we are proud to have a stellar reputation with our tournament being known for its exceptional professionalism and exemplary hockey, both at an international standard level. From FIH rated umpires to olympian level players, the Lions Cup is the premier senior tournament in Ontario.

Womens Tournament Winners

2013: Panthers FHC
2014: Scorpions Field Hockey
2015: Toronto Toros
2016: Scorpions Field Hockey
2017: Scorpions Field Hockey
2018: GOA
2019: GOA
2022: A&C Field Hockey
2023: GOA

Mens Tournament Winners

2013: United Brothers FHC
2014: No Winner
2015: Brazil
2016: United Brothers FHC
2017: Brampton Waveriders
2018: United Brothers FHC
2019: United Brothers FHC
2022: O.K.D.
2023: Lions FHC