Who We Are

One of the most stories and successful field hockey clubs in all of North America, built upon excellence and camaraderie.

We are a group of individuals who have a love for our sport and have come together to carry on the rich legacy created by the Lions before us.

Today we strive to match the history of the founding members and while their success on the field may never be matched, the bonds of our team remain as strong as ever.

Striving to be the best we can be while remaining true to the values of competition, sportsmanship and camaraderie is what we are all about at Lions FHC. 

The Lions Field Hockey Club was started in 1974 by a group of immigrants who were drawn together by the common thread of a simple game. But it was more than just a game to them. It was a cultural expression and connection to their previous homes. Most of all it was the friendships created which would last a lifetime and the knowing they would never be alone. 

This group of former olympians and national players created a team which would on to dominate the entire field hockey scene across North America in a way which had never been seen before, or since. The standard of their excellence and the unbreakable bonds of brothers is what the Lions Field Hockey Club is founded upon and everything it stands for today.

Our Approach

Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure our members of all ages and skill feel welcome, while maintaining our status as an elite field hockey club.

Lions FHC is first and foremost an elite competitive club. We are proud to have a number of current and past Olympian and National players. We will always look to develop our players to the highest level, but also create an atmosphere which all feel welcome and have fun, regardless of their goals.

Our Vision
We look to build a youth program where no child or youth feels alone, gets all the coaching they need and have fun.

Our team is so much more than a sports club. We are a family off the field and it is important to pass the skills we learned on the field, as well as the values we uphold off the field onto the younger generations. The senior program is organically grown from the development of the junior program and elite athletes are developed naturally.